About Us

IDROGEN promotes the knowledge and results of hydrogen gas (H2) as a supplement to improve quality of life.


Passionate Pursuit

IDROGEN Malaysia builds a platform for the public to get credible information about the benefits and function of hydrogen rich water (HRW).

We partner with pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to provide information, consultation and after care for the use of HRW. In addition, our many of our team members have obtained the highest level of accreditation from the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation.

You may already be consuming hydrogen water believing it will cure all your woes. Man cannot live on water ALONE (even if it is hydrogenated).

This is where IDROGEN can help you. Let the pharmacist or healthcare professional advise your nutritional adequacy and lifestyle choices that complements HRW as adjunct therapy to meet your health goals.

Company Overview
Ethical. Qualified. Professional.

Founding date
Korea, 2011             Malaysia, 2016


  • IDROGEN, hydrogen generators, H2 gas concentration of 1.0ppm – 1.5ppm
  • IDROGEN spare parts
  • IDROGEN H2Serum
  • H2Blue drops