Inspiring IDROGEN

Cases in Malaysia

Thomas Thum

IDROGEN helped Thomas with his inflammation and indigestion problem that he has suffered for the past 2-3 years. His body can now absorbed food better and he does not feel as tired as a result.

Calvin Lam

IDROGEN helped Calvin with his psoriasis which is now less severe, red, inflamed and it more like a normal healthy skin. He also feels more energetic waking up and less lethargic and sluggish like he used to be.

Jane Tang

IDROGEN has helped Jane with her liver cirrhosis and oedema, her liver was able to function and detoxify better, as a result her blood results were better, her skin itched less, and the tumor in her liver stopped growing.

Ian Cheong

IDROGEN has helped Ian improve his health, he didn’t have to take an MC for a year!

Alison Teo

IDROGEN helped Alison in her eczema, her flare ups are shorter in duration, less frequent and less severe. This has allowed her skin to heal wonderfully.

She found relief in IDROGEN and became less dependent on steroidal creams.

Sook Yee

IDROGEN helped her son Branden with Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)* to pass motion easier and help him gain weight that would otherwise take 6 months to gain.

Whereas she noticeably experienced less fatigue.

*SMA is a genetic condition that makes the muscles weaker and causes problems with movement.

Mei Yean

How IDROGEN help her and her daughters:

  • Better food absorption and less acid reflux
  • Muscles are less rigid and better sleep
  • Helps with common body aches and knee aches

Betty Ong

IDROGEN help her skin to be fairer,smoother and lightened her pigmentation. She became noticeable radiant and energetic.

Zaleha Kassim

IDROGEN help her to feel more energetic, less stress, experience less headache, and also an increase in expulsion of phlegm and kidney stones.

Ms Chan

IDROGEN helped her improve her quality of life (QOL) during her chemotherapy and alleviated some of the side effects like dry peeling skin. Her digestive system was in good shape and she was able to eat and sleep well.

Cases in Korea

Ms. Kim (62, female) Chronic Indigestion

Free from indigestion and heartburn, significant reduction of gassy feeling in stomach

Since young, my digestive system wasn’t working well. My stomach often feels bloated after a meal, and I often have heartburn after food. These symptoms persisted and I went to seek professional consultation, in which esophagogastroduodenoscopy (OGDS) was done and I was given a variety of pills to be taken daily. When I first started drinking hydrogen-dissolved water, unexplainable diarrhoea episodes occurred and I felt nauseous initially. However, due to the read- ups that I’ve done, I made up my mind to ignore the symptoms and purchased the hydrogen generator so that I will be able to produce my daily hydrogen water supply. After some time, the symptoms diminished and along with that, gone are the heartburn and indigestion. I feel much refreshed now and my digestive system has also improved dramatically. As such, I will definitely recommend it to my friends or neighbours whom are suffering from indigestion and gastritis.

Ms. Bae (72, female) High Blood Pressure, Stomach Disorder

Improve blood pressure, stomach disorder, and inflammation

I have consumed 1.5ℓ of hydrogen-dissolved water daily continuously for 4 months. My blood pressure and stomach disorders improved ever since I started drinking hydrogen- dissolved water. Prior to the consumption of hydrogen- dissolved water, I was on hypertensive medication. As my blood pressure improved, my doctor took me off medication as he felt that my body does not need it. Besides that, I used to burp a lot during and after meals, however the burping has reduced drastically ever since I started taking hydrogen- dissolved water persistently. Asides from that, the inflammation secondary to a cataract surgery 2 years ago has subsided ever since i started using hydrogen- dissolved water (through drinking and topical administration)

Cases in Japan

Mr. N (40, male) Constipation

Get over the constipation and unpleasant smell

I started drinking ‘hydrogen-dissolved water’ since a year ago. One day, one of my friends visited my office. We had a conversation as we drank 2 or 3 glasses of hydrogen-dissolved water. The next day, I got a phone call from my friend, “I was surprised. I had constipation in that morning, but I got over it. I guess it might be the effect of the hydrogen- dissolved water”

Ms. Y (22, female) Pimples, Constipation

Reduce pimples and get over the constipation

I’m a student in my 20s. I am always worried with constipation and pimples. With long continued constipation, my pimples increased pimples, causing me much difficulty when I put make up. My mother sent me some hydrogen dissolved water. Constipation and pimples problem slowly reduced as I drink the water. Although I’ve started drinking this water for a few weeks, I can already see its effectiveness. How surprising! Now I promote the effectiveness of this water to my friend who has same trouble.