Intentional Idrogen

The Matchless Measure

In order for hydrogen rich water to be effective, it must contain at least 0.7 parts per million (ppm) of hydrogen gas.

NOT all hydrogen rich water are EQUAL .

How do you know which hydrogen rich water is good?
One sure way to know if a water contains therapeutics level of hydrogen molecules is to MEASURE it.

There are two methods of measurement IDROGEN uses.

Method 1
H2Blue is a reagent (liquid) which can be used to demonstrate the antioxidant capacity of hydrogen-rich water.
When the drops are placed into water containing dissolved molecular hydrogen, the blue drops turn clear.

Method 2
Trustlex ENH-1000 is a dissolved hydrogen meter.
Electrodes of ENH-1000 was developed specifically to measure dissolved hydrogen.

The Guaranteed Goods

IDROGEN offers hydrogen infusing technology that produces water with high concentration of dissolved hydrogen gas.

IDROGEN is also the only manufacturer that guarantees its products will produce  concentration of hydrogen gas that far exceeds the required therapeutic level.

Comparison table with other brands